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The Little Years Toddler Memory Book

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It’s just as simple (and beautiful!) as our Baby’s First Year memory book, but instead, follows your TODDLER as they grow! Starting at their first birthday and ending before their sixth birthday- these busy years fly by and we don't want you to forget them.

Perfect for you or as a gift, this keepsake will help you remember those adventurous, little years forever.

What's included in each year?
1 Birthday Page
1 "Favorite Things" Page
1 "Interview with you" Page
1 "Drawing of My Family" Page
5 Photo Pages
2 Holiday Pages
3 Quotes Pages
6 Blank Pages
Year 1 to 2: Camping
Year 2 to 3: Transportation
Year 3 to 4: Dinosaur
Year 4 to 5: Farm
Year 5 to 6: Nautical
106 Pages
12" Wide, 12" Tall
Made in the USA
Responsibly Printed
Eco-friendly, soy-based inks

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